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“Your name on one of our
Clothes Story Dresses”


Clothes Story gives you a unique opportunity to honor the legacy of a prominent black female by placing your name on a dress or item in our permanent collection for all 2024 events. You will have your name in our online permanent collection and displayed in all collateral at all Clothes Story events during the 2023-2024 season.


For the cost of:

$200 you can sponsor a dress

$150 you can sponsor a platform and a mannequin


Your contribution will be used to:

· Design and build a dress

· Research accompanying story

· Purchase necessary display materials


Contributions can be made via the links below.
Alternatively, you can contribute via Cash App
or check.


Help us meet our goal of 25 new dresses with mannequins and platforms.


Thank you for your generosity!
We Can’t Do This Without You!

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